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2.10 Amendments

Amendments are changes made to your research project after the initial approval(s) have been given. These can be classed as either substantial or non-substantial.

For further guidance on exactly what each of the review bodies require in terms of amendments, please refer to the IRAS Help section.

If your project involves the NHS/HSC, you can find additional detailed guidance on how to prepare and submit your amendment in the IRAS Help section.

Creating amendment forms in IRAS

The Notice of Substantial Amendment (NOSA) form is created in IRAS under the project form’s ‘Amendment’ tab monitor.

The only way to add certain information to the amendment form is by adding these details directly into the amendment form rather than in to the Full Set of Project Data.

Some sections of the Notice of Substantial Amendment form are populated directly from the integrated dataset and will reflect the information in the dataset at the time the NOSA form was generated.

The completed Notice of Amendment form should be appropriately authorised (please visit our Authorisations page for further details).

The Notice of Amendment should then be submitted to the relevant review bodies, together with all of the relevant supporting documents. Please note that amendments are not electronically submitted within IRAS. Please refer to the information in the IRAS Help section for details of how to submit your amendment.

Note: It's a good idea to update your Full Project Dataset to reflect any amendments that you make to your research study. This will ensure that you always have the most up to date version of your project saved in IRAS.

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